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Warranty & Returns

Warranty Policy

APPLEMAC.PK gives you a flexible warranty solution, we provide one year international plus local warranty for the local residents. We have a hassle free warranty claiming process, Clients can contact us for a warranty support along with the original company invoice, original packaging and complete accessories.

Return Policy

If you have received a wrong item due to a human error, or an item other than your ordered item. You can use our return policy and exchange with the right item and the payment difference must be calculated accordingly (Return policy only allows an exchange not a refund). Change of mind is not an eligible excuse to use our return policy. In case of an occurred error customers are advised to contact our support immediately or within 24 hours. (If customer does not contact within 24 hours then the sale would be considered as accepted)

Delivery Policy

Items that are delivered at the customer’s doorstep, customers are responsible to make sure that the item they received is what they ordered and it’s in a promised condition. Customers are advised to open and check the product in front of the delivery staff.

Walk in Sales Policy

Return policy is quite useful when it comes to making sure that our customers does not receive a damaged/broken/scratched or a fake item. Our respected customers are advised to open up and inspect the product in front of the sales representative or delivery person to make sure that the item is intact and not damaged inside the box at the time of purchase if opposite of this occurs our customers can use our return policy to make a safe purchase. (This is only eligible for a damage inside the box before opening). Damages inflicted by customer after opening the box would not be handled or resolved by nor would the company hold any responsibility whatsoever.

Accidental Order Policy

We are quite flexible if someone has accidentally ordered a product at, in such accidental order scenario contact our support immediately to cancel the order. If a product has already been shipped to the customer or has been further sent for the delivery process then the shipment charges or delivery charges will be deducted from the customer.

If a customer has placed and order by an accident and then contact our support after receiving the item within 24 hours, 35% to 45% might be deducted on such items regarding of the item’s condition. If customer does not make contact within 24 hours then the accidental order policy would not be eligible for use and customer will be responsible and obliged to pay for the order. APPLEMAC.PK holds the right to reject an accidental order claim to refund or exchange the item altogether for safety reasons.

Change of Mind Policy

If a customer has changed his/her mind regarding their order they can feel free to contact our support. We provide an exchange solution for such clients, 35%-45% might be deducted as to provide our customer a choice to buy a desirable item.

For any help or support regarding these policies mentioned above, please contact our support.